Stacker 2 Keto Diet Support Energy Shots Pre Workout Supplement 2 fl. oz. (Pack of 12) Berry


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Brand: STACKER 2


  • ENERGY BOOSTER: Our energy shots are infused with vitamins and other energy blend nutrients that gives you a quick, convenient boost with zero calories and sugar than normal full-size energy supplements. These improve the concentration and alertness, giving you an optimum physical performance.
  • BE HEALTHY: These supplements are an energy blend of taurine, instant green tree, caffeine, Vitamin B and other nutrients, that boost your energy levels. The berry flavor gives a sweet taste to your shots.
  • FOR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: This energizing solution is perfect for those with an active and busy lifestyle. These shots can also be taken as a keto friendly pre-workout supplement. This is a 12-bottle pack, which is suitable for an instant surge of energy.
  • NO CALORIES: Our flavored energy shot offers a delicious and energizing solution for supplying the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that may be missing from your keto diet, without any calories or carbohydrates. These give you sustainable energy that is safe for your body, when taken as directed.
  • SUGAR FREE: A key factor of the ketogenic diet is avoiding sugar, and these shots have zero sugar. So no need to worry about your sugar intake with these energy shots. These are the best for anyone above the age of 18, who are following a ketogenic diet and looking to manage their weight with the help of a dietary supplement.

Details: Stacker 2 Keto Shot (12 Bottles)

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