Low Carb Pasta, Great Low Carb Bread Company, 8 oz. (Elbows) (Original Version)

Great Low Carb Bread Company

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Brand: Great Low Carb Bread Company


  • LOW CARB AND LOW FAT - Make dieting easier and satisfy your pasta cravings! One serving contains only 1g of fat and 7 NET CARBS! A great option if you're on Keto or on a low carb diet.
  • HIGH PROTEIN - Great for pasta lovers looking for a nutritious alternative, or anyone trying to reduce meat in their diet. With 12g of protein in a serving, just add your favorite sauce and you have a meal!
  • GREAT SOURCE OF FIBER - You can load up on 18g of fiber in only one serving, keeping you fuller for longer.
  • HIGH QUALITY - All of our noodles contain the highest quality all natural, Non GMO ingredients.

Details: At Great Low Carb Bread Company, we aim to satisfy your cravings while eating healthy. We use the highest quality ingredients such as almond flour, flax meal, and olive oil, to make the best tasting low carb pasta by avoiding cheap, tasteless ingredients that most companies use like soy and soybean flour. There was also an abundance of fake low carb bakery companies out there that we wanted to show the public how good legitimate low carb foods can be done and set out to raise the bar. Now you can enjoy your favorite pasta dish without the guilt. With only 7 net carbs 12g of protein in a serving, you can have a low carb, high protein meal that can be ready in 15 min (We recommend boiling longer than the instructions on the bag). Great for Vegetarian diets, Keto, and diabetics. Eating pasta never felt so good!