Intock Kinesiology Tape, Original Elastic Therapeutic Athletic Tape for Pros, Injury Recovery, Pain Relief; Water Resistant Sports Tape; 16.4 Feet x 3 Rolls Multi-Color Uncut Latex Free Kinesio Tape


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  • PAIN RECOVERY - Latest kinetic tape technology; special woven textile; elasticity similar to human skin; sports or non-sports
  • PERFORM UP - Premium adhesive kinesiology tape waterproof, lightweight, breathable, and long lasting
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Zinc and latex free K tape; best shape tape and body tape for skin of all types
  • EASY TO USE - Classic 2"x16.4' uncut tape roll; easily cut into ideal tape strips for kinesio taping
  • VERSATILE - Sport tape, rescue tape, muscle tape, shoulder tape, wrist tape, knee tape, ankle tape