DSO Omega 3 Algae Supplement - 90 Capsules - Plant Based Fish Oil Vegan Supplement Alternative EPA & DHA Supplements - Heart Stress Relief & Weight Loss - Eco-Friendly Packaging - Made in The USA

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Brand: Doctors Scientific Organica


  • 900 EPA 700 DHA*- Rich in both EPA and DHA, Doctor Scientific Organica's Premium Omega 3 provides you with all the benefits you would expect from regular fish oil. Derived from algae, this plant based supplement provides you with a much stronger source of EPA and DHA. Together they help to support brain, heart and joint health. This supplement is recommended as a daily supplement for those who do not regularly consume fish.
  • VEGAN AND CONTAMINANT FREE* Finally reap the benefits of a fish oil supplement without having to worry about harming any fish. We've left the fish alone to roam the ocean and gone straight to the source of Omega 3's instead- the algae itself. Unlike other brands, our omega 3 supplement is void of pollution contaminants like PCB’s and is free of artificial ingredients and preservatives.
  • DOCTOR DESIGNED SUPPLEMENTS: Doctor Scientific Organica only creates the best, premium quality algae supplements which are free of fillers, chemicals and preservatives commonly found in other supplements. Designed by Dr. Sasson Moulavi, a Bariatric Physician with over 25 years of experience, DSO Cortisol Manager is scientifically formulated for optimal health. These capsules are Kosher, vegan, non GMO and allergen free.
  • THIRD PARTY TESTED FOR PURITY: Made and packaged in the USA inside our SQF Level 2 Certified facility, DSO products are GMP certified and undergo extensive third-party testing. DSO supplements are made in small batches with superior ingredient sourcing, expert formulations and rigorous quality control.
  • ECO FRIENDLY OMEGA 3: In addition to helping slow the decline of an already declining fish population, DSO’s Plant Based Omega 3 Supplement is sustainable in other ways too- it’s packaging. Here at DSO we only use biodegradable, plastic free packaging for all our supplements, in an effort to combat plastic waste in our oceans. By designing eco-friendly packaging we hope to inspire customers to change the way they buy supplements.


If you've been taking fish oil, you're probably already aware of the various benefits; from heart health to eye health - fish oil should be a crucial part of your supplement routine.*

Now, with DSO's Omega 3 Algae Supplement, you can reap all the benefits you're used to without: 

Violating your vegan beliefs

Taking in harmful pollutants like PCB's commonly found in fish

Contributing to an already declining fish population. When you add in the fact that we use eco-friendly packaging instead of harmful plastic, you can be sure you're helping to contribute to a movement to stop unnecessary plastic waste and decline of wildlife! All our products are Made in the USA in an FDA and GMP Facility and third-party safety tested for purity. Doctor Scientific Organica is a modern apothecary combining the good of the past with the science of the present. With doctor-designed products and innovative, low footprint packaging - we're changing the way customers buy supplements.

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