DMV Classic Vented Hard Contact Lens Remover


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Brand: DMV


  • You Will Receive 6 Brand New DMV CLASSIC Lens Handlers, 3 and 10 Packs Also Available
  • Simple and Effective way to remove Hard and Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses
  • Vented Hole in the Suction Cup Offers a More Gentle Hold on Your Contacts
  • The CLASSIC Version is an Excellent Choice for Scleral and Ortho-k Lenses
  • Doctor Recommended and Made in the USA

Details: The DMV Classic Hard Contact Lens Handler offers a simple and effective way remove and insert hard and Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses. REMOVAL: Compress the handle of the DMV Classic Lens Handler and carefully center it squarely on the contact lens. When the Classic has been seated on the lens, release the compression pressure and gently retract the lens. Always be aware of the position of the lens before applying the Classic to the lens. Remove the lens from the Classic by squeezing the handle. INSERTION: Hold the DMV Classic lightly by the sides of the handle and place the properly prepared wet lens on the cup. Guide the lens to the eye and gently place it on the cornea. The lens will adhere to the cornea immediately. Important: Do not squeeze the handle while inserting the lens. PRECAUTION: In the event of mistaken application of the DMV Classic Lens Handler to the eye; merely squeeze the handle to release suction. Should the lens resist removal from the eye, release the Classic Handler by squeezing the bulb and consult your eye care practitioner for alternate removal process. Wash the Classic Handler frequently in warm soapy water - let air dry. Do not use with diseased, injured or otherwise compromised corneas. ***DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT WITH SOFT CONTACT LENSES*** CHOKING HAZARD: Keep this product and its case away from small children. CAUTION: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

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