Bursting Boba Spring Kit

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  • 3-Pack- Kits in Strawberry flavors. Great on frozen desserts such as yogurt or ice cream, or in cold drinks Contains real fruit juice Bursts juice on your tongue while chewing Different from typical tapioca pearls in pearl milk tea *Not Chewy, But Juicy*

Details: Bossen's Bursting Boba Spring Kit is a unique, one-of-a-kind gift option to share. There are (three) Bursting Boba Spring Kits for you to choose from: 1-lb. Strawberry Bursting Boba*3 1-lb. Mango Bursting Boba*3 1-lb. Blueberry Bursting Boba*3 Use the boba as a topping on your favorite dessert (ice cream, frozen yogurt, shaved ice, snow cone, etc.), drink (carbonated drinks, juice, tea drinks, or even cocktails), or even salad. It is best served with cold treats. If you cannot use it all at one time, be sure to refrigerate it after opening. You may need large straws for the bobas, Must refrigerate after opening. Ingredients- *Contains 14%-20% Fruit Juice (Varies depending on flavors)* Water, Fructose, Real Fruit Juice(Varies depending on flavors), Tapioca Starch, Calcium Lactate, Seaweed Extract, Potassium Sorbate(As preservative), Mango Flavor, Malic Acid, B-carotene, FD&C Yellow NO.5 & NO.6 (Varies depending on flavors)

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