3-in-1 Foam Roller Message Set


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  • ROLL AWAY YOUR MUSCLE PAIN AND FEEL BETTER - Muscle pain shouldn’t deserve your time! This deep tissue massage roller set is great to soothe and rejuvenate tense, damaged, or aching muscles. It is highly effective in treating trigger points and compressing and stretching muscles. Foam rolling muscle massaging can reduce muscle soreness, prevent muscle injuries and dramatically improve strength, flexibility, and endurance.
  • 4-IN-1 BUNDLE KIT FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS – No one knows better than yourself as to where you are suffering from the pain and how much pressure you need to cure it. You are rest assured to eliminate your aches and pains with the best set of rollers. #1 Firm Out Foam Roller is great for physical therapy and exercise; #2 Soft Inner Roller is ideal for warming up, relaxation, and fine touches; #3 Massage Stick is perfect for deep tissue trigger points; #4 Free Carry Bag for easy storage and travel.
  • GREAT PRODUCT THAT DELIVERS RESULTS FROM DAY ONE - Foam rolling can achieve instant pain relieving. It helps get rid of knots, remove lactic acid, increase oxygenated blood flow through the muscles, relief muscle tension, increase muscle reflexology, mobility, and flexibility, and allow fast muscle recovery, making you more confident to do better no matter what you sport.
  • FOR HOME OR TRAVEL - The roller set measures approximately 18 inches in length and 5.5 inches in diameter. The 18” rollers are versatile. They work well for the whole body: from head, neck, shoulders, arm, back, hip, leg, hamstring, thigh, calf, quad, IT bands, glute, and foot. They are easy to carry around with the bonus carrying case.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY THAT YOU CAN FEEL - Made with CNAS certified premium high density EVA and PVC materials, the outer roller are sturdy and can sustain up to 300 pounds of body weight. And Intock is backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back.

👍 Intock Foam Roller Set is great to soothe strain related pain and muscle ache, release myofascial, and boost up muscle performance. With Intock’s versatile roller kit, you can easily target the problem area with right amount of pressure for effective pain relief. 

👍 The Most Complete Rolling Massage Set With All The Cool Features Bundled. You can do myofascial release at home with only a fraction of the money required for hiring a physical therapist. 
➢ 5.5 x 18 inch EVA Foam Roller with ABS core, and new injection moulded patterns that mimic the contours of hands and knuckles to allow you to control the pressure and location, and achieve more natural, therapeutic massage feel. 
➢ 4 x 18 inch Ribbed Soft EVA Inner Roller is perfect for warming up, cooling down, working on sensitive areas, or beginners who would like to start gently. 
➢ 1.5 x 18 inch PP+TPR Massage Stick Muscle Roller with four spindles and comfortable grip allows you to address most muscle groups and trigger points with ease. 
➢ All these are innovatively designed, crafted, and packed in a carry bag for maximum portability. 

👍 Highly Recommended By Experts For Any Sports. Intock Muscle Massage Stick Foam Rollers are recommended by physical and massage therapists, medical professionals, chiropractors, and personal trainers. They are used by regular people and professional athletes, before and after workouts and all kinds of physical exercises and sports. They are also great gifts for loved ones for birthday, holiday, and many other occasions. 

👍 Intock Is Backed By 100% Money Back Guarantee. Intock Massage Stick Foam Roller Set is of the highest quality standards and built to last, and is backed by our 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy with our product, please contact us within 30 days for your money back. No questions asked.